Promoting Sportsmanship & Teamwork for Boys in Stow, Bolton & Lancaster

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I. Rules of Play

Rules of Play

  1. New - Playing time will consist of (4) - (10) minute start/stop quarters for the U15, U13 and U11 age groups, EXCEPTION - If both head coaches agree before the game, 15 minute running time quarters could be an option. (MBYLL)
  2. Overtime will be played upon unanimous agreement of both coaches & referee, and will only be played as one (4) minute sudden-death period. (MBYLL)
  3. All helmets must be NOCSAE approved lacrosse helmets. Any offending helmet must be removed from play, and the referee has the final say on all helmets. (MBYLL/USLYC)
  4. Long sticks will not be permitted U11 age level. 3 "long sticks" measuring a total of 60" (including the head) will be permitted on the field for U13. U15 follows USLYC rules (high school). (MBYLL)
  5. Substitutions will be allowed on all out of bounds (sideline/ end line) for the U13 and U11 age levels only. (MBYLL)
  6. There will be two timeouts per half per team. (USLYC)
  7. If any team gains a FIVE-goal lead; the trailing team MUST receive the ball at midfield without a face off. Face offs resume when the margin returns to four goals. (MBYLL)
  8. If a team acquires a ten goal advantage in the second half of a game, the coaches and referee will meet, in the spirit of the MBYLL, to discuss adjustments to play. (MBYLL)
  9. The 2-minute stalling rule will only apply to U15 teams. Exception: The 2 minute rule will be used in the fourth quarter for the U15 age group. The offensive team in possession must keep the ball in the offensive box during the last two minutes of the game if they are ahead of the opponent. (MBYLL)
  10. Poke checks will be permitted with proper intent of contact of opposing stick and/or gloves. (USLYC)
  11. There will be no take out checks at any age level. Example: Any hit with or without possession that has the intent of injuring or putting the opponent on the ground. (USLYC)
  12. There will be no body checking for U11 players per the US Lacrosse Youth Council Rules for U11 and U9 play. Players should play the ball not the man when it is loose. When defending a player in possession with the ball, the defender should use no more than equal pressure to prevent progress. (USLYC)
  13. NEW - U15 teams, to apply the 20 second count to clear the ball over the half field line and to apply the 10 second count to keep the ball in the offensive box. This rule would be suspended if one team had a 5 or more goal lead at any point in the game. It would be reinstated if the lead goes back under 5 goals.
  14. One coach will be allowed and encouraged to be on the field at all times in any U11 game. The purpose is to be instructional without yelling from the sidelines. (MBYLL)
  15. The home team should schedule a certified referee for all contests with MBYLL teams. If a scheduled referee fails to show, the coaches agree on how to proceed or reschedule. Coaches should consider the potential liability issues of proceeding with a game without certified officials. Towns should try to have a parent take the youth official certification course to cover these instances.
  16. Uniforms must conform to NCAA standard jerseys with 6" numbers in front and 8" numbers in back. Programs with existing non-compliant jerseys should make the necessary changes at the next possible opportunity.
  17. All other rules will be played according to USLYC rules as listed in the rear of the National Federation of State High School Associates Rule Book.

Waivers for age eligible players to play down can be requested following MBYLL's waiver process.

U11 - Born on or after 1/1/98
U13 - Born on or after 1/1/96
I) Waiver required if age eligibility is not met.

U15 (Born on or after 1/1/95)
Waiver Requirements:
I) Must be age eligible.
II) Must have NO high school program at town or school they attend.
III) Any 9th grader who meets all the above requirements MUST apply for a waiver to be eligible to play. Waivers for 9th graders are only for programs in their First, Second or Third years.

All waiver requests must include accurate details regarding date of birth, height, weight and level of experience. They must be submitted by 1/23/2009 to the regional competition committees.

Age Certification - All teams must submit a roster with name, grade and date of birth to the designated regional director at least one month prior to the beginning of the season.

II. Age and Eligibility

Teams will be based on grade level, providing that current age eligibility requirements are met. Grade levels are defined as follows: U 15 8th and 7th grades U 13 6th and 5th grades U 11 4th and 3rd grades

IV. Complaint Procedure

First Action

Report to Regional Competition Committee –

A) Regional competition committee will notify competition committee chairman

B) Regional competition committee head will contact the following weeks opposing coaches and scheduled referee, asking them to observe if the action in the complaint repeats itself.

Second Action:

Report received from coach & referee –

A) If no problem is detected, no further action is required.

B) If a problem is detected, the Regional Competition Committee contacts town representative to address the issue and the necessary corrections.

C) Opposing coaches & the assigned referee for the next game are again notified.  If the problem is not detected, no further action is required.

D) If a problem is detected, MBYLL Competition Committee Chairman is notified.

Third Action:

MBYLL Competition Committee will determine necessary sanctions up to and including suspension or expulsion from the league or a team.

V. League Operation and Philosophy

A. There is no standings kept no league championship or playoffs. We play all players as equally as possible with the goal of teaching the sport and providing a fun experience for all involved.

B. We police ourselves in the effort to provide an outlet for kids that has not been swept up in the pressure filled, win at all cost mania that is too present in today’s youth sports. Any conduct perceived to be contrary to the best interests of the MBYLL and it's youth participants should be referred to the Regional Competition Committee.

C. Town's with more than one team in an age group should make every effort to balance the talent levels of the team, (i.e. There should be no A teams and B teams).